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Women’s Day Message

The Iona Institute NI celebrates international women’s day and rejoices at the presence of women in leadership roles and positions of responsibility in our society. We recognise that very often women are the driving forces within society, and we lament that often our contribution to society is unrecognised. Thus, a day for the recognition of the great value and dignity of women in the world, the distinctive reality of our gender, and unique contribution to humankind is important.

Such recognition is especially pertinent to us here in NI where our pro-life laws have saved the lives of at least 100,000 citizens, and in the Island of Ireland in general which is recognised internationally as one of the safest places in the world in which to be pregnant. Unfortunately, our culture of caring for the lives of both mother and baby are under considerable attack, an attack which in some cases is funded by very wealthy men. We rejoice however in the leadership role women of all ages continue to play in the pro-life movement north and south. We welcome the fact that year after year tens of thousands of Irish women turn out to the annual rally for life in Dublin to demonstrate their solidarity with mothers and unborn babies worldwide. On this international women’s day we will continue to reject abortion as a solution to any crisis, and embrace a truly compassionate and progressive culture in which both lives are recognised, protected, and respected in law and practice.

Happy women’s day from the Iona Institute NI.